HD Brows

Your personal eyebrow styling service

Have your brow look customised by a professional stylist

High definition brows are tailored to suit individual face shapes and hair colours, which is why it’s so important to get an expert practitioner. Our team here at Skin Life Aesthetics have been extensively trained to provide you with an eyebrow waxing, threading and tinting treatment that will give you beautifully defined and flattering HD brows.

During your consultation at our London clinic, we’ll discuss the shape and colour of brows. you want. Our practitioners will make aesthetic suggestions based on your skin tone and face shape. We fully expect you to leave our practice with the exact brows you want and more confidence in your looks as a result.

Achieve the very best version of your eyebrows and maintain them.

  • Tailored to your face
  • Well-groomed, flawless brows
  • Thicken thin brows
  • Thin out thick brows
  • Experienced practitioners with a keen aesthetic eye

There are several steps to achieving flawless HD brows. In the first instance, you’ll need to have a discussion with your practitioner here at our London clinic to give us a clearer idea of your brow goals. We can look at any concerns you might have about your eyebrows with a view to addressing them.

A regrowth programme may be the answer to thinning brows and we’ll show you how to deal with overplucked brows between appointments too. The brows will then be tinted and shaped, in that order. Threading is performed on stray hairs, missed by the wax. There may may also be some tweezing and trimming, as we strive to achieve the perfect finished look.

  • ” Ramute was very professional and did a great job with my eyebrows!! I love them so much. I highly recommend her.”

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    about HD Brows

HD brows are the result of an eyebrow shaping procedure that is tailored to the individual to provide him or her with enhanced eyebrow definition.

Some discomfort is possible whilst your brows are being threaded or waxed, but our experienced practitioners will do their best to ensure it’s as painless as it can be.

You’ll have an initial consultation before you have your HD brows appointment. As the results last for around 4-5 weeks, we would recommend you visit us regularly every month to maintain your new shapely brows.

We will perform a patch test before we dye your brows to ensure you’re not going to have a reaction.

Your practitioner will show you exactly what to do to help you maintain your new brow look.

We’ll offer advise and support you in your choice. Colours are usually chosen based on your natural colouring and preferences.

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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.