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How does it work?

A favourite with celebrities, Lipomassage from Endermologie is a state of the art, scientifically proven (with a vast number of research studies behind it), non invasive way to eliminate fat retention, cellulite and loose skin. Endermologie Lipomassage also restores elasticity, dramatically increasing blood flow (improved circulation) and stimulating lymphatic drainage, resulting in revitalised, soft and smooth skin.Due to its fantastic results, many cosmetic surgeons recommend Endermologie Lipomassage to their patients following surgery.“Endermologie Lipomassage targets all problem fatty areas – no matter how resistant they are to other methods. It can smooth away cellulite dimpling and sculpt a beautiful figure – when nothing else I have seen can do so non-invasively. Endermologie Lipomassage can have great success, and I recommend it strongly to my clients.”, Gunnar Peterson, famous celebrity trainer “Most of the time, my high-profile clients need fast results to be ready for a movie or a photo shoot, and since Endermologie Lipomassage can accelerate their transformation, they’re excited to try it!”


How does Endermologie Lipomassage work?

Using specially designed rollers that gently move over the body, Lipomassage from Endermologie increases blood flow by up to 400%, improves oxygenation to your cells and helps to disperse any build up within the body. During your Endermologie Lipomassage treatment you will wear a very light body suit to help the rollers glide easily over your body.


How often will I need an Endermologie Lipomassage treatment?

For rapid and optimum results you should ideally have the Endermologie Lipomassage treatment twice a week and then once a month, or as needed, after the desired results have been achieve to maintain the results.


Does Endermologie Lipomassage hurt?

Not at all, many people find it so relaxing that they drift to sleep during the treatment.


If I want to use Endermologie Lipomassage, do I have to follow a strict diet and exercise?

We advise that you follow a well balanced, sensible diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and to continue to see the benefits of Endermologie Lipomassage. If you’d like advice on what diet you should be following or tips on exercise speak to one of our Nutrition and Exercise Coaches.


I don’t have time for exercise or for Endermologie Lipomassage, can’t I just diet to get rid of my excess localised fat?

Sometimes dieting just isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. You’re most likely to just lose weight from where it is the easiest like the face, breasts and upper body and there’s downsides to this such as accentuating wrinkles, your chest losing definition or your skin losing its tightness. Adding Endermologie Lipomassage to your routine eliminates these problems and at the same time giving you a beautiful, smooth, uplifted figure.


I’m really active and exercise a lot yet I still retain fat and I’m plagued by “saddle bag thighs” and my buttocks have lost their definition, can Endermologie Lipomassage help?

Yes, definitely, since it attacks the areas that seem resistant to exercise it will give you the results you want. As well as giving your buttocks an uplift as the surrounding fat is slimmed and the curve of the buttocks and hips are sculpted.


Are there any risks or side effects with Endermologie Lipomassage?

Since everybody reacts differently you may experience some light bruising or broken capillaries. Just inform your technician if this occurs and they will adjust the pressure levels for your next treatment.


Is there anything I need to do after each treatment to ensure I get the best results?

Yes, it’s important to drink plenty of water to help your body in expelling any toxins that have been loosened during Endermologie Lipomassage.



Lipofirm Plus is Europe’s No 1 inch loss, body contouring and skin tightening system. Lipofirm Plus is the ultimate medically certificated system combining Ultrasound Cavitation and Radiofrequency for fat cell destruction, cellulite treatment and skin tightening – the creditable alternative to lipo suction. It is one of the few systems that is medically certificated with clinical studies.


What is Ultrasonic Cavitation and how does it work?

The ultrasonic cavitation, also known as aesthetic cavitation, is a relatively new technique and is a very smart way to reduce fat. The ultrasonic cavitation reduces fat cells through a hand piece that is placed on the skin precisely on the area that is to be treated. The machine works with ultrasounds that form bubbles in the tissues where the fat cells are located. The bubbles implode due to the change in pressure. The implosion damages the fat cell thus reducing localized fat. The triglycerides (released fat) break up into diglycerides (liquid), this is then naturally eliminated with urine.


What is the Radio frequency System?

lipofirm-plus-before-medi-cosmetic-300x112Sagging skin is mainly due to decreasing collagen production as skin loses its quality. The radiofrequency (RF) system is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate the collagen production and strengthen the skin structure and improve tone and texture. The radiofrequency treatment uses electrical pulses which heats the dermis (the deepest skin layer) through a hand piece without damaging the epidermis (the top layers of the skin). This stimulates new collagen growth and provides an improvement in skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance dermal density with minimal risks.


Does it reduce cellulite?

Due to the way cellulite is formed Lipofirm Plus can provide spectacular results in reducing cellulite.


How does the treatment cause the skin to tighten?

lipofirm-plus-before-and-after-medi-cosmetic-300x220The process is referred to as Tissue Retraction. The generated heat causes local contraction of the collagen fibres immediately tightening the skin to remodel and rejuvenate the previous effects of aging.


How does the treatment help with collagen formation?

The local fibroblasts stimulate the collagen formation by heating the dermis and it then acts as a new deep foundation for the skin. This produces further delayed tightening, which only becomes evident slowly over the next few months.


Can anyone have the Lipofirm Plus treatment?

It is a safe procedure but a detailed consultation will be carried out along with a medical history. The treatment is not suitable for patients with kidney failure, with liver failure, those with a pacemaker or other electronic devices, pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with hypertriglyceridemia or hypercholesterolemia.


Which areas of the body can be treated & how long does the procedure take?

The Lipofirm Plus Ultrasound Cavitation can be performed on the stomach, buttocks, back, calves, knees, thighs, arms, back and chin. The course of treatment can only be undertaken on one body area at a time. The procedure takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes dependent on the size of area being treated.


How many treatments will I need?

To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended per body area. The treatments should be undertaken at 10 day intervals.


What inch loss could I achieve from this treatment?

This will vary from person to person depending on your size and amount of localized fat and the area being treated. We have experienced inch loss as much as 10 inches in the abdominal area.