Reduce your body volume

Developed by herbalists, uses natural processes

T-Shock is a body wrap treatment used to reduce excess body volume. As the treatment has been developed by herbalists, plant extracts are used to aid the procedures and help you lose inches around. During the process your body will experience detoxing and purifying actions.

Afterwards your skin should be more toned and you should have lost inches around. Our experienced practitioners will be able to advise you on how much body volume you can expect to lose after one wrap during your consultation. Everyone is different.

The detox wrap that should make your body slimmer

The main benefits of the T-Shock wrap are the diuretic, draining, detoxing, thermogenic action it induces, along with its antioxidant and toning qualities.

The T-Shock body wrap contains photo-extracts. It’s creation has been overseen by trained herbalists. The aim of this treatment is to detoxify the body and improve the circulation of the lymphatic system with a view to decreasing your volume.

Following treatment you should have a more flattering figure and skin that is toned.


Very professional with high knowledge of beauty treatments beautician. Have had body and face treatments. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

about T-Shock

  1. What does T-Shock treatment feel like?

    Like you’re wrapped in warm bandages! Many clients find the treatment relaxing and even take a little nap.

  2. Which areas can the T-Shock body wrap target?

    It’s best to discuss your exact requirements with your Skin Life Aesthetics practitioner, but a T-Shock wrap should have an effect on the whole body.

  3. Will T-Shock treatment help me lose weight?

    This treatment is designed to reduce your circumference through detoxification of the body and fluid drainage.

  4. How does a T-Shock wrap work?

    The wrap improves the circulation of your lymphatic system. Excess fluids will be drained during the detoxification process, giving your figure a significant boost.

  5. How will I feel following T-Shock treatment?

    We hope you’ll have more confidence in your figure. You should appear slimmer and more toned.

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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.