Achieve softer, smoother skin

Unclogs pores, removes acne and rejuvenates

Microdermabrasion involves an exfoliation of your dead surface skin cells. Once they’ve been vacuumed away, your skin should feel softer and look smoother, because your skin will replace lost skin cells with younger, healthier ones. This 30 minute long rejuvenating process uses micro crystals to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve the appearance of common skin complaints, such as acne, sun spots and clogged pores.

Following treatment, your collagen and elastin levels will have been increased. This will naturally lead to firmer, younger-looking skin. Your circulation will also have been improved; an action which will keep your skin cells healthier. We expect you to look more vibrant and thoroughly revitalised.

Get a naturally refreshed look:

  • Revitalise your skin
  • Reduce your pores
  • Even your skin tone
  • Achieve a rejuvenated appearance
  • Remove blemishes and light sun damage

When you come in for your appointment, our Skin Life Aesthetics practitioner will use a diamond or crystal-tipped hand held device attached to a microdermabrasion machine. A vacuum occurs when the device touches the skin, allowing the practitioner to remove dead skin.

Not only will microdermabrasion from our London clinic provide you with refreshed, healthy-looking skin, but also create a skin surface that is more receptive to the penetration of skincare products, increasing their efficiency. This treatment tends to be safer and more cost effective than laser treatment and chemical peels.

  • I’ve had several microdermabrasion sessions here with Ramute and would recommend. She is thorough, friendly and I’ve seen good results

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Microdermabrasion in Paddington
Microdermabrasion in Paddington
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    about Microdermabrasion

Many clients report that their skin looks healthier and cleaner after just one session, but it’s usually after 5 or 6 sessions that you’ll notice a significant reduction in fine lines and blemishes.
This treatment is ideally suited to clients aged between 35 and 50; particularly those with fine lines and minor skin complaints. It’s unlikely to be effective on deep scars or severe acne and it’s not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone suffering from an auto-immune condition.
You will feel hungry for the first 3-4 days, but as long as you can stick to the diet for that long, you’ll find your body will readjust. The diet products provided will be enough to keep you full and satisfied without the need to snack.

Do not have a waxing treatment or chemical peel beforehand, as this can lead to skin sensitivity. It is also not advised to gain a suntan in the days leading up to your appointment.

Additionally, by refraining from smoking and taking aspirin, you’ll improve your circulation, which will lead to enhanced results.

As this treatment is non-invasive there very few complications that can arise. The Skin Life Aesthetics practitioners will use only sterilised equipment to ensure your risk of infection is minimal. Immediately following treatment you may experience some redness and dry skin for up to a couple of days afterwards. You will be encouraged to moisturise and use sunscreen to counteract this and protect your treated skin. You can return to work as soon as your treatment is finished.
Our London-based practitioners will be able to advise you on the optimum number of sessions to get the best results, but it’s likely to be between 6 and 10 sessions.
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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.