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Non injectable mesotherapy


Electroporation is based on a Nobel winning prize discovery relating to the cell structure. In the cells membrane there are pathways guarded by certain proteins. These proteins can be forced open by exposing the cells to specific electronic waves. When pathways are open, the introduction of topicals into the cells is easily facilitated. Infusion™ Electro-mesotherapy is an alternative to traditional needle mesotherapy that maximizes cell permeability by utilizing the Ionwave™ technology to induce the rearrangement of the lipid bilayer (memebrane). The application assists with improving the overall appearance and quality of the skin both for face and body as well as addressing specific skin symptoms. Infusion™ treatments accelerate the skin’s recovery process by supplying essential nutrients.

Treatments for infusion

Choose Infusion™ Face Solutions, depending on the skin condition as follows:

  • Intensive Hydration – for dehydrated, dry skin, young skin and tanned skin
  • Collagen booster – for more mature skin (age 35+), wrinkled skin, skin with reduced elasticity
  • Anti-wrinkle & Lifting – for mature skin (age 45+), to create a lifting effectTreatments-method-for-face

Body Treatment

a. Choose Infusion™ Body Solutions, depending on the skin condition as follows:

  • for cellulite and localized fat treatments
  • Skin Firm – for firming effect and for dry and sagging skin
  • Anti–Stretch mark – for stretch marks and damaged skin



  • Facial treatments – 10-20 minutes (depending on skin characteristics)
  • Body treatments – 15-30 minutes (depending on size of treatment area)

Treatment Schedule

  • Number of treatments – 6-10 sessions (depending on the symptoms)
  • Intervals – every 7-10 days
    (For intensive treatment protocol it is possible to perform two treatments per week) at 2-3 days intervals
  • Maintenance – Once every 4-6 weeks

The number of required treatment session varies and will depend on the clinical and physiological condition of the skin at the start of the treatment course.