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The cutting-edge set of painless eye treatment patches are made of pure hyaluronic acid micro-points and dissolve into the skin, gradually throughout the night. These revolutionary patches stimulate skin repair and rejuvenation. Upon waking, under-eyes appear firmer and plumper with a younger-looking under-eye complexion.

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Remove the Dissolvable Micro-Channel Eye Patches from their protective casing. Peel back the protective film, taking care not to touch the micro-points. Gently press the eye patches onto the under-eye contours, ensuring the micro-points are face down. Use a light finger to pat (not rub) any visible air pockets. Leave on for a minimum of 2 hours or preferably overnight. Take care not to rub or slide the patch once it is in position. To remove, gently splash the patches with warm water and peel away from the face.


Pure hyaluronic acid micro-points – They create tiny, gently-formed pathways through the skin to stimulate collagen production. Throughout the night, the micro-points dissolve and remain within the skin, providing a direct firming action to address eye concerns such as lines and wrinkles.

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