We have been awarded!
Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic
for Microdermabrasion in Kensington

March 2013


Skin rejuvenation

Remove unwanted hair and get a younger, fresher look in a flash with Ellipse Light. Used by leading medical professionals and beauticians, Ellipse systems are known for their long-lasting results – and respected for their scientifically documented safety and performance.

CLINICALLY PROVEN – You will notice the difference SAFE AND EFFECTIVE



Throw away all those hair removal creams, waves and razors. Have unwanted hair anywhere on the body removed using Ellipse.

Ellipse Hair Removal is a fast and safe treatment which offers you clinically proven long-term hair removal. The process uses light, which is absorbed by the pigment in the individual hairs. The Pigment converts light to heat, a process which disables the ability of the hair follicle to grow further hair.

In addition the Ellipse system can be used to treat Facial Thread Veins, Acne and Skin Pigmentation such as Brown Spots, Sun Damage and High Colour.

Ellipse Treatment is gentle and relatively painless only a slight sting is felt on the skin but this is nothing compared to the feeling of well-being experienced after the treatment.

Let us help you to put an end to tiresome hair removal methods, such as shaving, needle electrolysis or repeated waxing.

Ask at the clinic. We will guide you through the whole process step by step.