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Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic
for Microdermabrasion in Kensington

March 2013

Welcome to Skin Life Beauty & Aesthetic Clinic

About Skin Life

We don’t just improve the look of your skin but the life of your skin with our most-advanced clinical treatments. They say beauty is skin deep, but most salons just focus on the surface of your skin. At Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic, we feature the latest medical technology to restore and rejuvenate your skin at its core to its healthiest and most beautiful condition.

Why settle for a simple, surface facial when HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates deep down? The result is even and radiant “new skin” glow.

HydraFacial isn’t even the half of it. We also offer the most effective, cutting-edge medical technologies such as Ellipse IPL for the smoothest: –

–          Laser hair removal

–          Skin foto rejuvenation

–          Face tread veins removal

–          Redness for rosacea

Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic has another full variety of beauty treatments such as LVL lash- lifting, Hd brow, tinting and shaping. All treatments are administered by a trained and certified professional. Why would you trust your skin to anyone else? At Skin Life Aesthetic Clinic, we know that your face is a reflection of how you feel.

As well as specialised treatments, our clinic offers personalised advice on the most advanced products and suitable skincare routine.

Our services allow your inner health, beauty, and vitality to shine through. Restore your skin’s wellbeing with a visit to us today.

We believe in:
Giving you the best quality you deserve from professional trained Aestheticians. Our prices are always matched and definately affordable to everyone.
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